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Your social path

I am always asking the question where is this going to go? How do I want this to look? When it comes to your social media strategy it is important to consider the end goal. Think about your target audience. Who are they? what platforms do they generally tend to use. Once you answer those questions you can then set up the social platform of choice.


CONTENT…CONTENT…CONTENT. Any social media article, blog, strategist will note the importance of content generating material. It is not about creating or finding content for the sake of finding content, but creating/finding content that is quality and catered towards your target audience. 

VISUAL….a majority of users on social media are attracted to visual content. Pictures and videos continue to gain popularity as a way to share information, product, etc. A great quality photo can gain much attraction for your website and overall brand.


And always remember to be consistent. The lifespan of a social media post is short lived so it is important to consistent stay connected with relevant content.



Photo of the day


I came across this photo from Emily Thomas, a West acoast social media strategist and Huffington Post Contributor. This is just a snippet of what can happen in 60 seconds….


Look at how much can be done.

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What does your social media strategy look like

With an uprise in the use of social media small businesses are forced to truly use social media as a way to connect with potential clients and customers. With respect to creating a social media strategy it is important to think about some key questions:

  • Who is your target audience
  • What does your content look like?
  • What are your goals? website traffic? awareness of business?


There are various social media platforms  and with all the information readily available it can be very easy to try and target everyone. With a targeted audience you can focus on tailoring your social connections to that particular audience. There is also a better opportunity for engagement and attracting new prospects which is key for any business.


Content can come in the form of daily updates on a personal and professional level, videos, article links or for those using Twitter retweets are a great tool to spread content and build connections.


For any potential clients its always important to establish the overall goals for your social media strategy as it relates to your business. Establishing your overall goals provides the path to maintaining a consistent  and engaging social media strategy plan.





Key quicks steps (suggested)

Establish goals

Choose social media platforms

Determine content

Content calendar creation – How often and which social media platform(s) to choose



What does your social media strategy look like?




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Business Writing 101

Memorandums, proposal, reports. These are some of the types of documents that you may have to draft for your business. they way you may write to a friend or family member of course is not the way you would write on behalf of your business. provided some tips on how best to deal with business writing


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They hired a VA because……

A couple of weeks ago the Huffington Post put out an article on the 8 reasons why certain entrepreneurs hired a virtual assistant. As time goes by within my own business I have learned that many entreprenuers don’t even realize how valuable a virtual assistant can be very their own business. Fo you business owners out there take a look at this article and see whether one or even one of the reasons listed apply to you.

8 Reasons We Hired a Virtual Assistant 




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Time to get social

Over the last few months I have been working on which service(s) will provide a lot interest and I have discovered that social media management will definitely do the trick. Below are some sites for those with small businesses interested in how to incorporate social media more into their business:


Social Media for Beginners: Click Here


10 Tips on how to use Social Media for your business