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What to ask your virtual assistant?

The use of a virtual assistant can be foreign and even intimidating to some business owners or busy professionals that are unfamiliar with the concept. In my own personal experience with my clients I have noticed the hesitation from clients who are not too sure on the most appropriate questions to ask.

It is important that the virtual assistant explain their services and what they have the capacity to do. I’ve noticed once their is an explanation of the services I can provide clients are generally more clear in their own business needs.


According to here are some questions to ask your virtual assistant:

  1. What is your personality type?
  2. Communication style?
  3. How often do you like to communicate
  4. What type of commitment can you provide?
  5. What type of work style do you prefer?
  6. Any certifications?

For a VA the relationship built with their client or potential client is one that can be a long lasting partnership so it is important to ask the appropriate questions in order to achieve the best results for your business.


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5 Steps to Building a Success Virtual Assistance Business

This is especially helpful to those like myself new to the Virtual Assistant industry

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books, papers and studies by husseyLately I’ve been networking in quite a few Facebook and LinkedIn groups, particularly those comprised of virtual assistants. You would be surprised by the camaraderie in these groups, especially considering that we’re supposedly competing for work. Rather than being standoff-ish, however, we help each other out. We cheer for each other when somebody land a first (or another) client, and we provide insight about invaluable tools and applications. Because of my active participation in these groups, several members have asked how we built our business to where it is today. Because of this, here are my “5 Steps to Building a Successful Virtual Assistance Business.”

1. Start Out Humble. Let’s face it. Even if you’ve been an executive or administrative assistant for the past 15 years, you don’t have virtual assistant experience. The people you are marketing to, all over the world, don’t know you from the next person…

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Using Google Alerts To Grow Your Business

Thanks to Saprina Danise of  Saprina Blogs for providing a great article on all that a virtual assistant can do in 1 hour! That’s right 60 minutes. Click below and see how versatile a virtual assistant can be as well as how your business can improve in as little as one hour

Using Google Alerts To Grow Your Business.


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The effects of a virtual assistant on your business and personal life

For many Virtual Assistants their work is focused on providing office work to other businesses, and individuals. Granted these tasks definitely help those using VA’s in more time to handle other tasks or even personal tasks within their daily lives. What a VA that can do all of it, both personal and professional. Entrepreneur Cheryl Yeoh shared her experience of working with a VA ( and provided real examples)

Cheryl provides a week long synopsis of her involvement with a VA. From calling the cable company to dispute a bill to confirming dinner reservations. For some, the use of a VA for both professional and personal lives. How often do you say or hear the words “I wish I had an assistant”