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Where to find your next employee

According to Intuit, below are some of the top sites to post jobs in order to attract top talent for your business.

  1. Linkedin
  2. Beyond
  3. Craigslist
  4. Dice
  5. Simply Hired
  6. Monster
  7. Indeed
  8. Careerbuilder
  9. Jobster
  10. Your company website

Where do you go to find the best for your business?

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What can networking do for you?

There are countless articles on the where, why and how of networking. I am always very interesting on how people interpret as well as their own personal networking stories.

I recently came across an article from on “The power of networking” During the article she mentions the use of the app Meetup which allows you to search various meet-up groups in your local city base on your own personal interest.

The art of networking can open the doors to infinite possibilities.

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#QOTD: What keeps you motivated

As someone starting out on her own Virtual Assistant business I have learned very early on how easy it is to get complacent and loose the motivation to keep going. I continue to read articles and speak with other business owners who talk about the “routine” they get into with marketing, promoting, and of course networking. After awhile that routine can become mundane. So how does one stay excited and “into their business”


When should I post?

With social media established as a way of life, for small businesses this aspect is just as important and crucial to the growth and success of a business. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pintrest the art behind effective social media success is the time at which you post.


Apps like hoot suite allow for effective social media capitalization with the ability to post updates on multiple sites at the same time. According to Social Media Today  depending upon which social media outlet you use there are key timeframes where your post can provide the most attention.

  • Facebook – between 10 am and 4pm Monday thru Thursday.
  • Twitter – between 1pm and 3pm Monday thru Thursday.
  • LinkedIn – focus on posting before and after business hours, 7 am to 9 am and 5pm to 6pm Tuesday thru Thursday.
  • Google+ – 9am to 11am on workdays.
  • Pinterest – This is the one social network you should focus on posting during weekday evenings and on the weekends. specifically 2pm to 4pm and 8pm to 1am on weekdays. The best time to pin items on Pinterest is on Saturday morning.


When it comes to social media always consider your audience. Not every business will operate under the same framework.

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