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Digital Markteting Trends 2014 – [Infographics]


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The Optional Office

Very interesting read on the “optional office” and where one considers his or her office to be.


Without argument, the office dynamic has changed and continuously redefines itself.  Although there are many contributing factors to the changes within a typical office atmosphere, I consider the continuous advancements in technology to be the most influential.

Technology has afforded the opportunity for employees to unplug from their desks, offices and cubicles.  Work has become a mobile experience with the conveniences of wi-fi, smart phones, tablets, laptops, and cloud accessible software.  Meetings are no longer limited to sitting around a conference room table, they have evolved to conference calls, webinars, and using virtual chat options such as Skype.

When I worked for a national non-profit organization, there were many employees that spent a lot of time traveling; however they always had to come into the office to gain access to the database to review contracts.  It was impractical and inconvenient.  Because I managed all contracts within our agency, I worked…

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A small change goes a long way

Tonight I decided to check-in with my website. As we all know this is a world attached to social media and the online community. As any business owner knows it is important to have a user friendly site where one can maneuver through your site without major complications.

My focus was not so much emphasizing on the user content as it was the actually “look”. A small change to the font choice turned my overall presence into a site that now appears to be more professional and less child like. We all want to be taken seriously.

How often do you check in with your site?

Below is the before and after in the font change to my own site (CMC Virtual Assistance) Take note of the first impression you have once you see each font choice. Thoughts?


Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.07.18 PM


Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.09.10 PM

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Today I decided to change the along behind this blog and give a more “day in the life” approach to working as a Virtual Assistant as my “side hustle.”

Today I joined Ty-Juana Flores of Style Your Curves for a Sip and Swap event in conjunction with Dress for Success. I of course was honored to have Ms. Flores ask me to volunteer and be apart of a great cause.

Today’s Sip and Swap consisted of great people, great location( Scholars Boston) great conversation and plenty of clothes!

In the midst of the event I engaged in great networking conversations. This of course can lead to great business opportunities!!! The social media aspect was very present with the use of hashtags and tagging of photos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Todays hashtag was #sycswap. This became the movement for the entire evening. Attendees immediately began taking photos, tagging people and of course including the hashtags. As someone very in tune with the social media world I immediately began doing my part. The Instagram and Facebook likes came through and let’s not forget those tweets!

From a business point of view I engaged in great conversation with some amazing people. It is always important to remember there is power in words. You never know what will come next.

#vatipoftheday: consider creating a hashtag for your next business event or create a following for your social media presence


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Time to brush up on those skills

In an age where the internet has been a way of life for business have you considered brushing up on those computer skills. It is not always about finding those most expensive top of the line service. Sometimes a simple online FREE course can do the trick. I recently came across Free Online Learning at GCF which provides online courses in Technology, reading and math.

The Technology section has several different computer courses available from Google Docs to Access to Microsoft Office. You have the ability to learn addition skills from the comfort of your own home. Why not take advantage. I’m currently reviewing Access right now!

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What will your 2014 look like?

Below is a link for an article I read on how your business can be enhanced by the use of a virtual assistant. I focus in the first few months in the new year is to engage more people on the use of a virtual assistant not just for business, but even in the lives of busy professionals who need a way out to gain a better sense of work life balance.

It is not too late to set your new year in order.  According to Admin-Minded Business Assistance “…having an assistant – a second pair of hands – can mean the difference between 2014 being another year of broken resolutions and 2014 being your #yearofimplementation. “

What do you plan to do for your business in the new year?

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