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What does your email signature look like. Adding links and or icons to your email signature can be a great way to allow for additional traffic and potentially create new business. Consider your email signature as another way to stay and get connected!


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When 24 hours is not enough. I hired a PA

Just another example of how a Virtual assistant can make a world a difference for you and your business.

Mohd Rafie

When you have so many things to do in both life and business, you will often found that you don’t have enough time. I personally have reached to a point where 24 hours is not enough. And I wish I could buy more time for my day.

So, I hired a PA.

Mathematics of PA

If you know your hourly rate, that would help to determine if it is worth to have a PA or not. Say, your salary is $5K and you work 5 days a week, 25 days a month.

So, $5000/(25*8) is $25/hour.

And if you decide to hire a PA, you should pay them less than what you earned. For few simple reasons:

  • You are hiring them for simpler task
  • Let them to do the “boring” stuff
  • Your time is expensive. Otherwise, do it yourself

How to effectively hire a PA

First, be clear on what…

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With any business it is important to network. The network almost goes hand in hand with business. Since starting my Virtual Assistant business on the side I have tried to find ways outside of the customary options to networking. Social media has been a go to option as well as posing daily thoughts and questions on my various pages.

In the next few weeks I will be gearing up for the Minority Business Expo. I look forward to getting the opportunity to have some one on one conversations with various business owners (and distribute my new business cards of course!). These last few months have been about educating those who I come in contact with about the use of a virtual assistant as well as the actually role of this position and the overall industry. I have received nothing but positive responses.

Now it is time to get the marketing materials in order……

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 9.14.35 PM

Stay on top of it…#vatipoftheday

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Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.03.05 PM


Google calendar is a great tool that not only allows you to organize and color coat all your networking events, appointments and meetings, but for your potential clients and present clients you can share your events as well as turn your calendar into sub calendars and share those calendars with only those who are required to know.

There are several google applications on iPhone and Google calendar is also an app for Android users only.

Consider Google calendar and several of these other software tools for your business.

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I have found my niche

For anyone starting a Virtual Assistant business one of the more common questions is to discover your niche. Who will you market your  services to? Initially my focus was to market my services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The interest has been steady. My main task has been to educate those interested on the role of a VA and what exactly can a virtual assistant do?

Several of the networking events and conversations I participated in consisted of those in the fashion industry as well as the entertainment industry. Then it happened…I found my niche! CMC Virtual Assistance will now cater it’s services to those in the fashion and entertainment industries. I have noticed an upcoming increase of online designers, stylist,etc who could greatly benefit from the use of a virtual assistant. I immediately became excited. I instantly went into a re-branding mode. New website layout, business cards, networking approach, new direction!

It’s true that you learn a lot along the way when starting business. The good, the bad, and the unsure.

Let the journey begin…again